4 Video Marketing Tips To Instantly Improve

Marketing is very important no matter the business. It is ultimately what decides if a business has customers or an entertainer has fans at their shows. With today's world constantly moving towards the digital space video has become the largest medium of receiving attention and people taking in information, so the importance of being able to make a good video to promote your business is extremely important.

TIP #1

Learn How to make ads and where to place them

Just about all companies use ads and targeted marketing. However I am sure that you notice other ads are way more prominent or memorable than others, and that is not by accident. There seems to be an art to creating a video ad and getting those little details down will propel you like you never expected. First you want to consider your audience and the medium you are going to reach into. Will you aim for TV or just some ads on instagram. These things matter because depending on where you place an ad the length matters. You are not going to place a 2 minute ad on YouTube, so consider where you'll post and the length. Then it is good to be sure the ad shows why someone would care. What is the issue and how does this fix it? Why would this be entertaining? I recommend these are the questions a business ask when making an ad. This would hopefully lead to evoking some type of emotion causing action. To learn more about making ads Biteable made a great video showing off the secrets so check it out below!

TIP #2

Properly edit the video

There are times when people go out and try to make a video to show off an idea or business but it is poorly executed because the actual quality of the video was just not good. In the experience I have personally had when making any type of video editing is key. It grabs attention and shows that the work being shown is quality. A well edited video will garner more attention almost 100% of the time in comparison to a video thats not. When you are marketing it's about keeping attention and having the video look sleek and smooth is the goal. This way it's pleasing to the eye and people won't just scroll so quickly past your video. I have a video linked on editing tricks and tips to get you started.

TIP #3

Tell a story

I have found over the years story telling is something humans love and will continue to love countless years. It became obvious when people wanted to hear me tell them stories about my experiences that I myself thought were boring or nothing. So why not take advantage of this human nature and tell a story to get the people going. Get the masses intrigued through your video and you're sure to pop. When telling a story it needs to be something that will get an emotion out of people. You should decide the reaction you want and build from there. I have been around long enough to see multiple example of commercials that have gotten people to talk and they are always ads that send a message in some form or fashion. For example this hilarious Pepsi commercial that definitely got people talking. Admittedly the perception wasn't what was expected by Pepsi but regardless the story did the job and Pepsi profited just because they had their name in peoples mouth.

TIP #4

Call to action

This may seem cliche and like you have heard it over and over but it's true. You have to give people an objective or else they aren't going to act most of the time. A lot of people need a little push to act upon certain things so as a business it is beneficial to in a way be a part of their decision making. Put the idea or message you want them to have in their head at the end or your video so they leave with the thought of contemplation on their mind. Tell them to buy your product or go listen to your music. No matter what it is that you are making the video for it is imperative to end it by swaying their actions in a particular direction. This is ultimately going to be a huge decider in conversion. Here are some tips.

When it is all said and done these are tips that can be applied to all types of business and promotion. You can be selling shirts or looking to get new listeners for your music. Regardless these are all critical things to consider and try to excel at when making a video for marketing. Remember learn the art of ads and editing while not being afraid to get more in touch with the audience to tell a story. Then to top it off be sure that you have a solid call to action to be sure people act. I hope you whatever young entrepreneur or artist reading this can take this and become... COLOSSAL!

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